Designing for Customers

We have been involved in online marketing for a number of years, 14 to be exact. It still surprises us the number of websites we come across that are so poorly designed it is a waste of time trying to optimise them.

We are sticklers for things that will have an impact on our SEO efforts. Beside the on-off page optimisation stuff the single biggest factor that will impact your web page performance is how well it is made.

Regardless if your site is well optimised if the architecture is poor it will suffer. One of Googles core guiding principles (this has been the same from the day we started) is site architecture along with Speed and Relevancy.

Adding to Website Design Costs

We get a number of businesses approach us after their site has already been designed and developed. We then have to charge them a ton of money, to make the site search engine friendly. Only then can we start doing what we do best, promoting and marketing the site.

Making a site search engine friendly is not something that should be be done after the site has been designed; it should be done either before or at the latest during design and development. Most web designers/developers start purely with the aim of making the site look pretty (remember they are designers), or following the clients requirements to the letter and making sure it functions as requested. But what they do not take into consideration is what happens next. They have done their job, it is up to others to make it work.

Is it any wonder most websites are not successful.

Website Design Concept