SEO Case Studies

Increased Revenue by 50% Month by Month

UK Wet Wipes manufacturer required an eCommerce solution to sell their wet wipes product range to the public. Their client base were professionals working in the NHS or the professional care industry.  The company is the largest supplier of Alcohol, Disinfectant, Alcohol free, and Detergent Wipes to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. The company is the European division of a US based company.

The following case study looks at the current issue and the steps taken by Flame SEO to increase revenue.

SEO Services Case Study: Business situation

The Company has a traditional approach to their business practice; whilst they have a website it is used purely as an informational presence. The business has a number of field based reps who visit customers and encouraged them to place orders over the telephone.

The business wanted to attract more consumers as part of their growth strategy and concluded the quickest and cheapest way to do this was to have an eCommerce solution.

The following shortcomings were acknowledged within the business:

  • No one in the business had any experience developing or managing an eCommerce solution or marketing one online.
  • Competitors had embraced the potential of eCommerce a number of years prior.
  • The business is playing catch up to their major competitors including Gama healthcare, Clinelle, Henry Schein as well as major high street brands like Boots and Superdrug and online giants like Amazon & Ebay.
  • Internally there were a number of concerns with regard to the new eCommerce leading to job losses in admin areas of the businesses with this in mind co-operation was less than forthcoming.

The eCommerce solution will be a new venture and is being viewed as the way forward for the business to:

  • Generate sales from consumers
  • Encourage smaller customers to make purchases online
  • Raise the profile of the business online
  • Appointing an SEO Consultant to provide expertise to improve online revenues and raise the profile online.

SEO Services Case Study: Challenge

The Company face a number of challenges with their new eCommerce solution:

  • Lack of experience, technical learning curve to manage and run the website.
  • Processing internet orders, handling telephone and email enquiries from a non-traditional customer base.
  • Dealing with individuals who all have differing uses for the products they supply.
  • They also face a number of challenges from competitors and other manufacturers online. Most of who have greater experience in managing and marketing an eCommerce solution.
  • Internal antipathy towards the website concept

Flame SEO were engaged to design, develop and market the new eCommerce website.

The goals were:

  • Create awareness of the new website to the infection prevention industry
  • Drive traffic to the new website
  • Generate revenue

SEO Services Case Study: Solution

An effective SEO plan was created to achieve the goals the business had set. The SEO plan included the use of social media platforms.

Extensive research was undertaken to identify who the main competitors were and insight gained into their online activity.

Aggressive keyword research was undertaken in order to identify the optimum keywords that would not only drive traffic but convert to profitable customers.

Once a list of commercially valuable keywords was compiled the website was optimised. The website was submitted to all the major search engines and a link building campaign started.

The SEO plan is to target brand and product names in the early part of the campaign this will give an ‘easy win’ in terms of quick ranking results. We then move on to the more competitive keywords, namely industry related words.

SEO Services Case Study: Benefits

Since January 2015 The Company has seen a steady increase in their ranking position on Google for a number of keywords. Below are two examples of this success.

SEO Services Case Study: Revenue
  • Revenue increased by 50% for 3 months to April 2015 v 3 months to Jan 2015
  • Average order value for 3 months to April has increased to £774 v £388 for the 3 months to Jan
  • Visitor numbers have decreased by 30% April v March 2015 (fall in visitor numbers can be attributed to the Easter holiday)

Whilst there has been a fall in the visitor numbers April the AOV has increased significantly.

For the on-going SEO plan we have implemented a plan to find additional link partners increase user engagement on social media.

Products and services used by Flame SEO
  • In house SEO and Digital Marketing team
  • Outsourced website redesign and development
  • Investment in measurement and management tools for tracking engagement across digital platforms

“Lloyd’s flair and knowledge and easy going personality made the Flame SEO course a breeze to participate in.  Having such a knowledgeable trainer makes all the difference to retaining new information. I felt enlightened and impassioned and couldn’t wait to get back to the office and put my training into practice. I compose blogs on a weekly basis, and the keyword research and planning approach to writing them has been invaluable to me. The skills I’ve learnt on the course given me a fresh outlook!”

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SEO Services Case Study: Fig.1

Example of the company’s ranking position for keyword ’sani cloth 70 alcohol wipes’

SEO Services Case Study Fig1.

“sani cloth 70 alcohol wipes” is a competitve keyword as can be seen by the 42,500, other web pages competing for the same keyword.

SEO Services Case Study:Fig.2

Keyword ‘Buy Alcohol Wipes’

SEO Case Study fig2

‘Buy Alcohol Wipes’ is a competitive keyword with over 1,2000,000 web pages competing.